The stone sculpture studio in our basement level is an easy accesss for carrying large stone & wood pieces to be carved. The studio is has all the basic power & hand work tools, required for carving & shaping.

PAINTING STUDIO - Artists at work

Our main Painting studio is large & on the days it's full it can take up to 10 Artists comfortably , with enough place for their easles, work tables & the platform for the model ( if required).

PRINTMAKING STUDIO - Artists at work

Our Printmaking studio is equipped with the 2 large printing presses for intaglio process, a dark room for photolitho printing , printers , scanners, large work tables, rollers, washing area & storage areas for large files & prints.

Trustees & Members of The Art Center Of Northern New Jersey 2008

PRESTDENT: Geoffery Browne
1st VICE PRESIDENT : Mary Yim Kliauga
2nd VICE PRESIDENT : Sabetay Sides
SECRETARY: Renee Lerner

Pauli Cohen, Beatrice Colao, John Eisler, Christine Friedman, Natalie Frier, Phyllis Glinert, Myra Grosinger, Debbie Kohn, Ruth J. Miller, Esther H. Nevarez, Herrat Somerhoff, David Zomick

Founder: Leonard Hansen

First elected President, and President for several terms, constant Fund Raiser.
In the late 50's a small group of us who were passionate artists & professionals, raised funds for a pilot suburban program for the arts; in cooperation with the Museum of Modern Arts in New York. When the association was not realized, we decided to pursue this program on our own. It was then that we turned to a group of graduates artists from Cooper Union in New York as our guides.
We are all pleased that the Art Center of Northern NJ is alive & thriving in New Milford & we encourage & appreciate your continued support.

Founders: Clare Romano & John Ross

It was Leonard Hansen who brought us into the group of bright young couples who were discussing the formation of an Art Center that could offer children & adult classes & organize exhibitions. The idea of the center was the brain child of Dr. Jules. Hoffman who has been inspired by the classes at the Museum of Modern Art, directed by Victor D'Amico.
The year may been 1955 or 56. Our own sons were very young & the possibility of having progressive art classes available for them was very attractive to us. Tim, our son, who is artistic & a professor today, was in a chidren's class taught by Ashley Bryan. This pleased us because we had been classmates with Ashley at Cooper Union School of Art. Later both John & I taught at the Art Center & John was an interim Director for a few years. Although, today, Bergen County is hardly the cultural desert it was in 1950's, the Art Center of Northern NJ has continued to grow & offer its unique cultural contribution to the community.

Founder: Philip Grushkin

When the Art Center was started in Englewood, all of us were hopeful that it would have a long life. Although we drifted away, it gives great pleasure to know that it is still alive & kicking. In today's climate of slashing the arts it is even more vital, that art centers somehow, continue to thrive as cultural forces in the community. It will not be easy. More power to you & I wish you well.

Founder : Lee Cohen

It is sentimental journey for me, as I recall the enthusiastic beginnings of the now mature Art Center of Northern N J. The Hoffmans, Hansens, Kreigels, Sussmans, Ross', Silberfelds are but a few names that comes to mind as I look back & recall our struggles to fill a unique need.
The dynamic programs & excellent facility assured an enrichment for the community as well as the students attending the diverse classes.
Our wishes to members & friends' continued success.

Founder: Myra Heller A.S.I.D

It was a great priviledge to be the president of the Art Center of Northern NJ in its early days. At that time we rented space on the second floor of 10 Jay Street, Tenafly. We organized fabulous art shows, concerts and lectures. We has a marvelous art & music school for children and adults.
We had an extraordinary board; volunteers who cared deeply about arts. We shared the same cultural concerns and worked to bring world class music & art to the community.
How thrilling to know that the torch has still been passed & the Art center, in a new home is still flourishing. Congratulations!

Founders: Jack Sussman & Connie Sussman

It was with all the arrogance of youth & a great deal of energy & enthusiasm that the Art Center was formed. I remember a lot of talk about " standards", we were to be another Museum of Modern Art but even better. We made the Art Center a way of life & formed lasting & wonderful friendships. I resumed by art education & Jack bacame a member of the board & the financial adviser. Wew were ambitious & the "standards" were high. There were lectures, poetry readings, concerts, work-shopsetc. We really had good exhibits of fine paintings, drawings & prints that came from studios & some of the galleries in New York. In those days everyone was cooperative as the great art boom had not yet occured. I remember going to Milton Avery's studio. His wife pulled paintings out according to size, "This size is $200 , ofcourse without the frame", & on she went while Milton watched silently in a rocking chair ...

Additional Founders, Trustees & Directors

Melvin Alllen - Trustee, Elaine Ober - Founder

Additional Founders: Doris & Loren Glickman, Mr & Mrs Herbert Haber, Jules Hoffman, Phyllis Kriegel, Fran Silberfeld, Mr & Mrs Julian Steinfeld, Mr & Mrs Alex Weber, Stephanie Weiss


The Art Center of Northern New Jersey is a Fine Arts School & Gallery providing children and adults a nurturing enviroment for developing skills & enjoying the creative arts. The Art Center aims to be accessible to all, including the disadvantaged & the disabled. It seeks to - Build a strong base of understanding & appreciation for the arts; provide professional-level instruction; sponsor programs for cultural advancement & personal growth; open its facilities to the community;serve all without regard to color, race, creed or socio-economic status.

History & Ongoing Growth

The Art Center Of Northern New Jersey was established in Englewood, NJ in 1957 by a group of Artists and interested lay people who wanted professional art training in the northern NJ area.

With help from the Museum of Modern Art, it quickly became an acclaimed school with classes taught by the recognized artists. Ten years later the Art Center moved to Tenafly, NJ and moved again in1984 to its current location in New Milford where it comtinues to offer classes in the fine arts from the kindergarten ages to senior citizens, amateurs and professionals. It's classes are accredited by the New Jersey department of education as continuing education credits for professional development for art teachers.

The main floor painting studio, gallery and photography darkroom classroom, office and restroom are all completly wheelchair accessible. The fully equipped stone and wood sculpture studio is unique in this area. The Art Center has completely equipped print making studio with flat table light unit for photographic plate exposure. Its diverse programs range from caligraphy and collage to professionally guided museum & gallery tours.

It's Marcella Geltman Galley mounts year round exhibitions including an annual Black History Exhibit, National Juried Show, Bergen County Diversity Show, Senior Artists Show and invitational shows for emerging and established artists.

The Art Center sponsors affiliate groups in painting, printmaking, sculpture and watercolor - a total of over 100 practicing artists - offering them facilities in which to work, discuss and exhibit.